Eaton 3KVA 96V 9E3000XL Online UPS
Eaton 3KVA 96V 9E3000XL Online UPS
Eaton 3KVA 96V 9E3000XL Online UPS
Eaton 3KVA 96V 9E3000XL Online UPS
Eaton 3KVA 96V 9E3000XL Online UPS
Eaton 3KVA 96V 9E3000XL Online UPS

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Eaton 3KVA 96V 9E3000XL Online UPS

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Brand Eaton
Model & Series 9E3000XL
Type Online UPS
Rating in VA, Watts 3 KVA, 2.4 KW
Battery Module External Battery Module 
No’s of Battery Required Eight Batteries - 8 No's
Battery Type SMF - VRLA
DC Voltage 96 Vdc
Warranty 24 Months 
Dimensions (W*D*H) in mm 102*390*327 in mm 
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 6 Kgs
  • IGBT Based Rectifier True Online Double Conversion Robust design
  • Wide input voltage range: 160~300VAC @ 100% load(linearly derating to 50% load @ 100VAC input).
  • Generator Compatible with Wide Input voltage window 
  • Double Conversion Efficiency >91% & ECO mode efficiency up to 98% 
  • 100% load @ 0~40C operating temp. 
  • Active Input Power Factor Correction 0.99 
  • O/P power factor 0.8 
  • Inbuilt OVCD (Over Voltage Cut-off device) 
  • Fully conform coated PCBA adaptable to harsh environment 
  • Offer terminal blocker on 2K/3K rating to connect to big capacity equipment
  • Digital Charger Technology provide 02-10 A charging current
  • Easy understanding LCD for convenient installation setup
  • WINPOWER software support virtualization transfer application Intelligent Monitoring options.

Key Applications:

  • Networking/Server/Storage.
  • Wiring Closets.
  • Security and Surveillance System.
  • Industrial Automation Control.
  • Laboratory Equipment.
  • ATM/Telecom/Railway Signalling.

Product Performance and its Benefits:

High Performance and Operation

  • Full Range Output PF.
  • Unique in its class.
  • True Input PF 0.99
  • True Output PF 0.8 for Long Backup External Battery Module.
  • Higher Power Density.

High Efficiency

  • Unmatchable Efficiency >91% in Online Mode.
  • Unmatchable Efficiency >98% in ECO Mode.
  • Save running expenses.

Perfect I/O Parameters

  • 5% Input THDi.
  • 2% output THDV.
  • 0.995 input PF

High Reliability and Availability Enhanced Materials

  • Double layer FR4 material made power PCBA guarantee high reliability in transportation and operation.
  • Conformal Coated Boards for Harsh Indian Environmental and Power Conditions.

High Design Margin

  • No output power derating during 0~40°C ambient temperature.
  • New digital charger technology reduce charging current ripple and support full-range charging current setting accurately.
  • Inbuilt Over Voltage Cut off device as standard Offer.
  • Inbuilt Over Temperature Protection as standard Offer.
  • Better Overload Protection 105% Constant.
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